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A Quick Note about our Rules & Regulations

Hello All! We have posted our Dogtown Farmers’ Market Rules and Regulations. It’s 13 glorious pages filled with lots of interesting stuff and we require that all vendors read through this document to make sure they understand how we operate. Below are a few of the highlights that we think will be most interesting to our vendors and customers alike.

— All of our vendors must be a permanent resident within 150 miles of North Little Rock. We want to support our local economy!

— Our vendors can only sell what they themselves have grown, produced, cooked, or created. We want to know who made this stuff!

— We are a CSA pick-up friendly market. That means if you have a favorite farmer who offers CSAs, they can use Dogtown Farmers’ Market as a pick-up location as long as they also have the majority of goods offered in the CSA available for sale at the market.

— We are pet friendly! Dogtown Farmers’ Market welcomes well-mannered, socialized, and friendly pets to attend with their owners. All customers with pets must comply with North Little Rock’s leash law. Just know that if your pet isn’t so great playing with others and causes a scene, we’ll have to ask you to remove your grouchy guy or gal from the market.

The entire document is posted on our Application Page.

If you have any questions about it, please email Tifany Hamlin:

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