Handmade Soaps: why we love them

Every year I try to focus on one thing or item or habit that I can improve that allow me and my family to live healthier or use less. Things like implementing meatless Mondays or using wool dryer balls to replace dryer sheets have been successful. A few years back that one item was the soap we use to wash our hands and bodies with every single day. About this time we met Tammy and Skip at the farmers’ market. Their beautiful, colorful, handmade soaps caught my eye. We picked out the scents that we would enjoy and bought a few to try.


That was at least three years ago and since our first purchase, we have continued to use Tammy Sue’s Critters handmade soaps exclusively at our home. We have not purchased one bar of soap from any other retailer since.

Here are a few of the benefits of using soaps made by a local vendor (and friend):

  1. You know exactly what is in each bar of soap. The ingredients are all natural from whole sources that you recognize. Tammy’s soaps have things like coconut oil and goats milk (from their farm).
  2. It’s great for your skin! With whole ingredients you don’t have to worry about any chemicals or residues left on your skin.
  3. You support a local business. When you choose to buy local, you build local. You’ll not only help build our local economy but you will build relationships with people you know. Who doesn’t need more friends?

We are crazy about Tammy Sue’s Critters handmade soaps and use them exclusively in our home. You can find Tammy and Skip every weekend at Dogtown Farmers Market in North Little Rock. Their products are also in several local shops in Arkansas. For a complete list, check out their website.

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